Ensure your excavation job is done right with equipment rentals and clearing services from Tajiri Demolition & Disposal in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our demolition company is here to help you clear land in no time at all so you can complete your construction project. Call us today at (808) 841-0217 to speak with our contractors about your specific equipment rental needs.

Complete, Partial, & Interior Demolition

Our goal at Tajiri Demolition is to provide you with complete demolition services. We obtain all necessary city and state permits and assist you in contacting different utility companies so you don't have to worry about any aspect of your demolition. From start to finish, we help you with all your demolition and hauling needs.

Excavation, Clearing, & Grubbing

Before any new construction can begin, you need to clear the land of vegetation and obstructions (clearing and grubbing). The key to a solid foundation for any house or structure is in the excavation, backfilling, and compacting. It's always a good idea to remove unsuitable material under the house foundation and replacing it with approved backfill material.

Employees & Equipment Rentals

To get the job done right, you need dedicated employees and quality equipment rentals. We at Tajiri Demolition have set a high standard for our employees to obtain the best in their fields. Furthermore, our trucks and equipment rentals are guaranteed to set us apart. Learn more by calling us today.

Trust your equipment rental and excavation needs to qualified and licensed contractors by contacting us today at (808) 841-0217 in Honolulu, Hawaii.